This Indian City becomes first place to have 1 GBPS internet speed

India have the average speed of internet is about 2.5 Mbps( megabyte per second) . In the Bengaluru City , the ISP (Internet Service provider) ACT Fibernet has been announced to Launch of 1 Gbps for wired broadband internet services in Hyderabad. Making the ‘City of Pearls’ . By this service People of india will feel proud . Before this peoples were thought that India has less internet speed. Hyderabad becomes first place of India having 1Gbps internet speed. 

The Giga City of India:

You could pronounce Hyderbad becomes first Giga City of the India . ACT Fibernet company has been working for more than one and a half  years to launch these services in Hyderabad . Company has invested around Rs 100 cr. to implement this technology. In the Hyderbad Rs 5,999 per month to get 1 Gb plan . These services has launched by IT minister of Telangana State. The Telangana government’s target to connect all its 23 million residents through the internet by 2018. Gbps service is offered on a large scale of Seoul in North Korea. While Hong Kong, Singapore and some of cities in the US are providing these services ACT Fibernet’s 1 Gbps wired internet service will be launched in 10 other cities. Now company also plans to invest around Rs 1,200 Cr. in the next two financial years to increase its presence in the India . 
Indian companies Hayai and MTNL provide 10 Gbps plans in some pockets of Mumbai . Although these plans of  MTNL are not available publicly . Reliance Ultraband also offers 1 Gbps connection in the Mumbai.  Hayai provides 10 Gbps connections with unlimited data use for For Rs 19,999 a month

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